✰21 years young
✰Pop/Alternative R&B singer-songwriter

Danielle Lorette Marié-Claude Anderson (born May 19, 1994), known by her stage name Danderson, is a Jamaican singer-songwriter, recording artist and student.  She was born in Kingston, Jamaica to proud parents, Stacy Kathene Smith-Anderson and Lucan Gavin Anderson where she was initially raised.  Danderson has a brother and sister, Leonardo and Destiny-Kaye Anderson.


At the age of 2, she migrated to England (UK) with her mother to live with her father who was working as an aircraft maintenance engineer in Bristol.  She enrolled in school at ‘Torwood House School’ where she was first introduced to the piano and took up piano lessons.  Naturally gifted, she progressed quickly and grew a love for piano playing. Danderson’s father moved his family to the outskirts of Bristol in South Gloustershire.  A new school had just been built a stone throw away from their new home known as ‘Mangotsfield Church of England Primary School’ and for the convenience of the family, Danderson enrolled there.

Life at school was not always comfortable for Danderson as she found it difficult to make friends and was racially discriminated against by her peers.  Dissatisfied with Danderson’s well-being at her current school, her parents decided to send her to private school with her younger brother Leonardo at ‘Colston’s Collegiate Lower School’, where its pupils are from a different variety of cultural backgrounds.  Getting involved in the school’s rich culture, Danderson ran cross-country and competed at sports-day, gaining the title as “fastest short and long distance girl” within her school. She also took up violin lessons, got involved with Speech and Drama and joined the school’s orchestra and choir – this is where she was first recognised as having pleasant vocals.

At the age of 10, Danderson migrated to Kingston, Jamaica with her family of 5 and attended ‘St. Andrew Preparatory School’ where she really became aware of her many talents within the Drama and Music department.  She took her GSAT examinations at the age of 12 and passed for ‘Immaculate Conception High School’ – an all girls school famously known for its intelligent ladies.


Currently an unsigned artist, Danderson has performed at several weddings, churches, schools and charity events, including those hosted by Envision – a non-profit organisation empowering young people to make positive change within their society.

The summer of 2011, Danderson started to take her music seriously, professionally recording her voice for the first time on tracks produced by herself and ‘DO music’.  On Saturday, July 2, 2011, Danderson received her first paid gig and performed on stage at St. Pauls Carnival in Bristol, an annual event famously known for its food and music, attracting thousands of multicultural people from around England.

She is currently writing songs and working with artists and producers internationally, promoting herself and networking within the music industry.


5-year-old Danderson was recognised for being able to sing by her uncle, Dameon Burrell, an iconic member within his church community for ministering in word and song: leading ‘Praise & Worship’ whilst conducting and leading the choir.

“He’d always jump on the piano at home, pull out the stool and be like “Danielle, come let’s sing”, night or day, we’d be singing. He made me believe I could sing – he fathered my musical talent.”

Beyoncé also played an important role in Danderson’s life. Her vocal range, image and success were all things that Danderson aspired for.

I remember being in my living room one day watching the music channel, and ‘Crazy In Love’ had just come out. Seeing [Beyoncé] strut and completely own that video, looking so cute and hitting those high notes? I was won over – I wanted to be just like her.” 


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