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First Ear Radio 017 + El Train

First Ear Radio 017 + El Train.

YES, I was on First Ear radio on Friday! Have a listen and skip to 51:39, better yet, listen to the whole thing!


El train – ‘Destiny’ featuring Danderson

When I was approached by El. Train to feature on his newest EP, Somewhere Between, I was MORE than glad to do it.  Following on from ‘Make My Body Move‘ featuring himself, (which was more of success than I had anticipated), I was actually excited to do it.  I have absolutely loved working with him and the vibe he has brought out in my vocals for both tracks. Sit back, relax, and enjoy ‘Destiny‘.


Oo-oh, You are my destiny.

I’ve been searching the world on my own,
Just to get a little taste of everything.
I’ve learned you reap all the seeds that you sow,
When you make your bed then you must lie in it.

I had no hope of feeling ignited, then I met you.
I am thinking you would have given up trying, but you always come through.

Love me, you said you will make me happy, I’ll be your girl one and only,
Always lovely, when I get a bit snappy – you are my destiny.
Touch me, reassure me of everything, ‘cause you know that you are my king,
Call me baby, you know what I’ve been missing – you are my destiny.

Oooo-oh, are you feeling me?
Oooo-oh, you are my destiny.

(Our love) goes on and on
On and on
On and on and on [x4]

They told me that we would never work,
They told me someone will get hurt,
Commotion of emotions, in reality you put me first.

My heart is out of control, hold me real close – never let me go,
For better, for worse, you are my destiny.



BRIDGE (Done in Jamaican-patois):
Dem see mi x3
Make up mi face, and mi bruk up di place, and mash up di plate, and mi can neva think straight
When you’re not around, only happens when you’re not around (when you’re not around).

Baby, I confess, mi never ever experience, love like this,
Know seh you are di one –
You never let mi down, (never let mi down)
No sah, you neva let mi down – ooo.


Lyrics: Make My Body Move


I feel it in my bones, I feel it in my chest,

The feeling’s coming over me,

And the music won’t get out of my head,

DJ, can you turn up the bass,

Let the beat (x5) hit my chest,

Release all of my stress,

‘Cause the feeling’s coming over me,

And the music won’t get out of my head,

It’s so damn good,

It makes me throw my hands up, hands up,

make my body move.



Green light, let’s go – you know that I’m ready,

Drop down, get low – you know I’m a lady,

Up the tempo – treat me on the daily,

Ready to move;

Come on, too slow – switching up the paces,

Love the tempo – DJ take me places,

Do what you do! – My body is ready to move.



You keep me wanting more,

From night to dawn,

Dancing to my favourite song,

Love how you make my body move,

Friends they wanna go

They have to wait a minute more

Make me not wanna leave, yeah

Make my body move,

I want it, (You know it, You know it)

I wrote it, (They bought it and own it)

You’ve had me on the dance floor since I came.




Oh make my body move… yeah

Mister DJ, don’t let me down,

Play that song again…

Make my body move.



Mister DJ play my favourites, grab the decks and take control now,

DJ, play the tunes loud,

Get hype, take control right now,

DJ, grab the decks and take control,

DJ, play the tunes loud,

Get hype, take control right now.



NEW SONG ALERT: Make My Body Move


IT’S BEEN A WHILE! I’ll be uploading “Make My Body Move” by nearer the end of the weekend on Soundcloud (as per usual). To lead up to the release, here is the album art for “Make My Body Move”.

I have used El. Train’s instrumental “GUSH” because I fell in love with it quite a while back now.